Hajja Salesjana October-December 2019

Dear Óajja Salesjana readers and benefactors, While I thank you for your positive comments regarding our Salesian magazine and how much you find it inspiring and helpful as you strive to live your faith day by day, it is that time of year when I humbly turn to you and ask for your financial support. As you are well aware, our full colour magazine is distributed completely free of charge in Malta, Gozo and abroad once every three months. As you can imagine the expenses are pretty hefty and thus, any financial aid you can grant to our Salesian magazine, founded by Don Bosco himself as a source of evangelisation and information, will be immensely appreciated. I take this opportunity to sincerely thank many of you who have sent us donations last year and throughout the previous months. They have all helped us make ends meet. If you wish to continue receiving Óajja Salesjana and if you wish to see it printed in full colour for many more years to come God willing, your financial assistance is necessary. Alone it is hard to go forward but with your support, the future is bright and challenges can be faced upfront. Kindly address any cheque payments to the undersigned. My address is to be found at the bottom of this page. I take this opportunity to wish you and all your loved ones a serene Christmas and a peaceful and healthy New Year 2020. May Jesus and His Blessed Mother bless you! Fr. Sandro Camilleri sdb Editor To help cover the cost of Óajja Salesjana please find my donation of: € _______________________ Name:_______________________________________________ Signature: ______________________ Cheque Cash Fr. Sandro Camilleri sdb, Óajja Salesjana Editor, c/o Savio College, Buskett Road, Dingli DGL 2702 Malta. Europe.