Hajja Salesjana January-March 2020

23 H AJJA S ALESJANA Photo: Priscilla Du Preez from www.unsplash.com • Treat others as I wish to be treated. • I try to be a good listener. • I pray for others. • I engage in civil discussions with those who disagree with me. • Being candid is a gift when delivered with professionalism and love. I always try and give this gift to those I encounter. • I connect others to helpful people and resources in my network. • I try to give not only of my time, but also my talent and treasure to serve and help those less fortunate than me. • I always try to add value to my relationships. • I serve great causes and practice active stewardship with the help of my family and friends. My giving to others is ultimately a gift right back to me. When I devote myself to helping a person in need, I feel a tremendous sense of fulfillment. I also know in these precious moments that I am serving Christ and living in His will. My hectic schedule can sometimes get in the way and I struggle to do all that I want for others, but I keep trying. Intentionality and Clarity Lead to Simplicity Do you ever reflect back on your career? Retrace your steps and reflect on lessons learned? At the beginning of my career I was a follower, then I became a manager and then a leader. Now, I embrace the “influencer” stage of my career. I work through my books, talks, coaching and consulting to influence positive outcomes for the people I encounter in my life. I make mistakes, but I am clear about my goals and my desire to follow a simpler path, serve others and follow Christ. The path to get here had many twists and turns, but I was very intentional along the way. I encourage you to change the direction of your life and recognize that the time for embracing a simpler approach to life is now and not when we reach retirement. I have watched with gratitude the example my parents set for me over the years of how to live simply, act with humility and serve others with love and charity . My encouragement to you is, simply put, to embrace simplicity. This is a difficult struggle and counter-cultural, but get rid of the excess and retain the necessary. Focus on what is important and have the right priorities. Serve others. Be faithful to the Magisterium and live an authentic Catholic Life. Place Christ first in all things . Simplify your life.