Hajja Salesjana July-September 2022

In the Salesian Family, in the Church of Argentina, especially in the Viedma Diocese, in Italy, in the Reggio Emilia Diocese, and especially in Boretto, his birthplace, there reigns great enthusiasm: Artemides Zatti will be declared a Saint. Dear friends of Don Bosco, A luminous ray of hope breaks through the dark thoughts of these days, occasioned by the pandemic and, above all, by the many wars, in particular the one in Ukraine, for they bring death, pain, and destruction. We have great news: the Universal Church has officially recognized the sanctity of a Salesian “from the farthest reaches of the world:” Artemides Zatti. Our dear Saint Zatti is a most beautiful figure, whose sanctity was manifested in his daily life, in simplicity, in his humble and cheerful service, in particular, to the sick. He incarnated Don Bosco’s heart and the richness of the Salesian Charism. He reflects the most human and loving aspect of the Salesian Family. He had a gentle heart that knew suffering. He knew very well what poverty, emigration, frailty, and sickness were. He also knew doubt through the difficult decisions he had to make, including the one to “remain with Don Bosco” and live his original vocation as a Salesian Brother to the full, as Don Bosco wanted: as a witness, near to the people, and dedicated to the service of the sick and the poor. He was the administrator of San José Hospital in Viedma, extending the circle of his patients to all the ill of the city, especially THE MESSAGE OF THE RECTOR MAJOR: THE SDB GOOD SAMARITAN - A SAINT! (ANS) - Don Ángel Fernández Artime 20 Lulju - Settembru 2022 hajja