Hajja Salesjana July-September 2022

In 1604 Francis meets Jeanne-Françoise Frémyot de Chantal in Dijon, and they develop a fruitful spiritual friendship. In 1606 he founds the Floriment Academy for the formation of the laity, giving particular emphasis to culture. In 1609 he officially publishes the Philothea ( Introduction to the Devout Life ). First published as a series of booklets, this beloved spiritual classic began as a collection of personal spiritual direction letters exchanged between Francis and his cousin’s wife, Mme. de Charmoisy. Founder of the Visitation Order Chasuble for St. Francis de Sales sewn and embroidered by St. Jeanne de Chantal In 1610, Francis collaborates with Jane Francis de Chantal to launch a new form of religious life characterized by simplicity, prayer, service, and moderation in all things. Their foundation enjoyed immediate success. Following its expansion to Lyon, the Order was obliged to adopt a stricter rule and total enclosure in the cloister. During Francis’ lifetime, 13 new cloisters were opened; following his death, there were 87 and today, there are 137. 26 hajja Views from Valdocco Fr. Mike Pace, SDB, Vice-Director, Casa Don Bosco Museum, Turin FRANCIS DE SALES: BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES (PART 2) Friendship with Jane Frances de Chantal and publication of the Philotea A young St. Jeanne de Chantal An elderly St. Jeanne De Chantal as Abbess Lulju - Settembru 2022