Hajja Salesjana July-September 2022

and by spending quality time with them for we never know how much time we have left before we are called Home. Spreading goodness requires hard work and good intentions. It does not always come to us as second nature and it is not always easily done. Yet, just like a little pebble thrown into a lake, the ripple effect of our authenticity and goodness will rebound beyond our expectations. In the same way, there are persons who by their actions are bringing misery, pain and anguish to thousands. The war in Ukraine alas barges on and thousands, or rather millions, have been irrevocably touched, maimed or killed. Thousands of shattered dreams, thousands of orphaned children who were once cradled with love in their families, thousands of youthful dreams metamorphosing into vicious nightmares, dignity trampled, houses crushed, cities obliterated... When will we ever learn? What legacy are we going to leave behind – good or evil, joy or sorrow, life or death? It is all up to you and me. Just a couple of weeks ago, a mad gunman decimated the lives of nineteen young students and their teachers in a school at Uvalde Texas, destroying their respective families forever. One person, yet look at the devastating consequences... sorrow, pain, anguish, terror, grief and death. Where do you and I stand in this regard? Do we bring peace, harmony, love, EDITORIAL Fr. Sandro Camilleri sdb Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love Photo by Caju Gomes - www.unsplash.com We all pass by this life but once. Whoever we are, if we had to search deep within our inmost being, we would agree that our ultimate aim is to make a difference for the better wherever we are, to have lived knowing that we have made an impact in our humble mundane every day, whoever we may be. To rise to this challenge, we truly have to strive to live love as Jesus Christ has taught us to. It is this love that is real. It is this love which transforms. It is this love which colours life with the hues of compassion, mercy, goodness, forgiveness and empathy. Looking around our world we can see people who are leaving a positive trail behind them by living life to the full, by cherishing their families and c ommu n i t i e s 3 Lulju - Settembru 2022 hajja