Salesian Oratory - Theatre

The Salesian Theatre was built in 1908 on land donated by the philanthropist Alfons Maria Galea. Also known as the Juventutis Domus, the theatre was to offer a formative space for young university students, a place on distinctive lines of its own. Some time before the present Youth Centre was thought of, Mr. Gaela had formed the idea of building a hall which should serve, among other things, as a Club for young men who had already begun thr world for themselves or who where preparing to do so as students for the professions.

We read in the first news letter: "Such a club was thought of to keep young men aloof from vitiating surroundings, to cultivate refinement of mind, to foster the habit of self-improvement, and to inspire them with noble ideals".

Nowadays, the group embraces members of all ages and way of life. It has developed as a theatrical company and has an extensive list of productions to its credit as may be verified from The Diary of Events. The Salesian Theatre is administered by the Salesians and is part of the Sliema Oratory complex.

Atturi Salesjani is the resident drama group of the Salesian Theatre, situated in Sliema, Malta. Our objective is to promote Drama and Cultural activities in a Christian and Friendly environment. We believe in fostering culture, especially amongst youth.

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