Hajja Salesjana January-March 2020

15 H AJJA S ALESJANA 3. In which way are you part of the Salesian Family? What makes one a Salesian is his engagement in typical Salesian works. After my years of teaching in India, I had to come to Malta. Together with other Brothers, I was in Savio College, Dingli. From there, every morning, we would go for the courses of Theology in Valletta. As a newly ordained priest (July 1974) I was again with the young: the first two years as boys’ chaplain at St Patrick’s school, after which I transferred for a short time to the Oratorju tas-Salesjani. Then I was asked to start a new venture: open and direct a Youth Centre in Luqa. Soon this place was humming with activity: drama, football, Sunday Mass, indoor games’ tournaments. After three years, I was on the move again... but still in Malta. I was asked to be headmaster at Savio College, in Dingli. But my wish, while still young - I was 37 years old - was to give a finishing touch to my formation. I enrolled in the Salesian Pontifical University, Rome for a Masters in Youth Pastoral Theology. 5. Who is Don Bosco for you and what strikes you most about him? Don Bosco was “always and everywhere a priest”. An apostolate in which Don Bosco excelled was in celebrating the sacrament of confession. I felt how much this sacrament can sanctify the Confessor as he frees the penitent from his/her sins when I had the privilege of administering this sacrament, in the confessional and in my office, during the twenty-one years as chaplain at St. Patrick’s church in Sliema. What message would you like to pass on to the readers of Óajja Salesjana? Many books have been written about Don Bosco’s life, holiness and educative method. Today I love to re-discover one or other of Don Bosco’s aspect of his holy life and practical goodness in reading short direct articles. Certainly, Óajja Salesjana helps me much in this. Thus, I hope that many of its readers discover these gems of wisdom and loving kindness whenever they read about Don Bosco. 6. 4. Is there a phrase or a sentence from Don Bosco that inspires you in your life? Don Bosco is a saint of many facets. Don Bosco’s human holiness, practical and warm approach, open and generous heart directed towards the good of youth, can still both support the educator in difficult circumstances and attract the young, even those of different creed or customs. Imitating him and practicing his many wise maxims makes of education a most satisfying endeavor.