St.Patrick’s Salesian School provides a supportive learning environment that allows students to prosper academically and socially. Our small school environment creates a family-like setting where students and staff work side-by-side towards the single goal of empowering the individual student with a meaningful life-long education. Perhaps the hallmark of our school is the friendly atmosphere, a characteristic much remarked upon by visitors. A friendly atmosphere breeds enthusiasm and friendliness. The student’s right to learn can never be met unless first he feels safe and valued.

One of our goals is to offer our students a well-rounded education that will assist them in maximizing their academic potential. We follow the National Curriculum Framework and provide Vocational training.  Each student is led according to his abilities, thus some sit for Matsec exams, while others sit for the ECDL exams.  Apart from the regular subjects such as Maltese, English, Mathematics, Religion, Italian, Science, PE and Music we also offer students an opportunity to earn experience in a number of vocational areas such as Media, Food Preparation and Design and Technology.

Mission Statement

As a team of educators, we try to be role models and companions to our students as they journey towards growth, directing them towards acquiring a good self-esteem, shouldering responsibility and achieve their goals. By recognising the value of the student, we believe that the school will recognise it in himself.