Who We Are.

The Salesians are a Roman Catholic religious organisation founded in the late nineteenth century by Don Bosco, an Italian priest. He dedicated his life working for children and youth, establishing oratories and houses, and creating the Salesian Family, which today is a world-wide and vibrant organisation encompassing several entities. The Salesians have been present in the Maltese Islands ever since 1903.

Our approach.

Our motto, Da Mihi Animas, Cetera Tolle, translates to: Give me souls and take everything else. What may appear as a peculiar saying reveals the salvation of the young as the ultimate purpose of our life and the ascetical programme that Don Bosco wanted us to live. All our work is based on the development, dynamism and continuous improvement of Valdocco in Don Bosco’s time, with a central objective – to educate our young hollistically – spititually, mentally and physically.

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A Salesian Family

Apart from the Salesians, many more branches of Don Bosco's great family can be found in Malta.

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