St. Patrick's Care

St. Patrick’s residential services welcome adolescents and young persons who need a home away from home due to personal or social circumstances. Through a person-centred approach youngsters are accompanied on their Journey towards reintegration with their family of origin or independent living. Care team members do their best to build an authentic family spirit and equip the young person with life skills through study, work and prayer.
As part of the services being provided by St. Patrick’s, the Salesians of Don Bosco opened Dar Don Bosco, their first community-based house in Balzan in September 2008. Don Bosco House provides a home for up to six young people over ten years of age who have been in care and have been appropriately assessed as having very few prospects of being rehabilitated with their families and for whom fostering has been ruled out.

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Osanna Pia Home

Osanna Pia Home is run by the Salesians of Don Bosco and caters for young men between the ages of 16 and 25. Those who seek help come from all walks of life, experiencing the unfortunate fate of a dysfunctional family, becoming homeless due to various crisis and traumas, young offenders whom the Courts indicate to us as needing shelter other than the Correctional Facilities, those seeking reintegration within society after having served time, and others needing the support of a community of peers with whom they can build and share a serene and healthy relationship. Osanna Pia Home is also a refuge for young unaccompanied immigrants who  seek shelter in Malta.

Mamma Margherita Home

Over the last few years, Osanna Pia has experienced difficulties in finding suitable alternative accommodation for residents ready to move on to independent living. This situation has created a bottle neck and we find it increasingly difficult to have our young residents move on to alternative accommodation without requiring them to solve their own problems without assistance.

To this purpose the Salesians have refurbished a property within walking distance from the present Home, with the Salesians retaining the front part while a block of six studio flats have been built, called after Don Bosco’s mother: Dar Mamma Margherita.. Our young people now are being offered a residence until alternative accommodation can be found at a reasonable price. By keeping the common areas of the block, the Salesians are able to offer the young people a presence that would accompany and guide them. The project is an extension of Osanna Pia Home, with the Director of the Home having the responsibility to coordinate both projects.

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