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The Salesian Sisters of St. John Bosco, as they are popularly called, is a Religious Family born of the heart of St. John Bosco and the creative fidelity of St. Mary Domenico Mazzarello. Their full name is Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, from the original Italian name, Filgie di Maria Ausiliatrice (FMA).

The story of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians begins with a group of young women, one of whom was St. Mary Domenica Mazzarello, who eventually became the Mother General of the New Congregation, founded by St. John Bosco. The first profession of vows of fifteen young women ensued in 1872. The aim of the Congregation is to work with young girls, particularly those coming from poor and disadvantaged backgrounds.

In a vision, St. Mary Domenica saw the future college surrounded by a large crowd of girls, and heard a voice saying, “I entrust them to you.” This is the mandate given to each Salesian sister as she walks along with young people toward God.

The Salesian Sisters began their ministry in the Maltese Islands in 1963, through the Mary Help of Christians Oratory, at Victoria, 20 Republic Street, Gozo. In 1966, they opened their first house in Għasri, for initial formation (aspirantate), dedicated to Blessed Laura Vicuña. This house was built by their benefactress, Ms. Olimpia Bondi’. The Salesian Sisters are actively involved in the education of youth. In fact, while opening the House in Ghasri they concurrently opened a Kinder, and later on moved to Victoria. Eventually they also opened a primary school. Presently, the Head of the Primary School is Sr. Antoinette Pace. The School and Kinder have a population of two hundred-eleven pupils.

The Sisters help in the ministry of catechesis, accompanying children in their Christian formation for the reception of the Sacraments. Every Friday, a group of adolescents, namely the “Don Bosco Club”, meet in Victoria. The Sisters also offer their service to the Local Church, especially in the ministry to youth.

The community is comprised of seven sisters, animated by Sr. Carmelina Quaglia. Fr. George Borg is the community chaplain. The chapel is opened to the public, daily Mass being at 17.00 hrs and Sunday Mass at 10.00 hrs. It is also open for adoration every first Friday at 16.00 hrs.

Since 2009, a second but smaller community in Sliema works in close collaboration with the SDB community of St. Alphonsus in the running of the Sliema Oratory.

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A Salesian Sister doing charitable work in a hospital during World War I