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The Volunteers of Don Bosco are lay men and women who seek to live their everyday life according to the spirit of Don Bosco, that is to say with optimism and loving kindness. There are both lay men (CDBs) and women (VDBs). In response to the Lord’s call, they are consecrated, meaning, they profess the vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience. This helps them to love God and persons around them with an “undivided heart”. All the Volunteers form part of a Secular Institute.

They live in the world and endeavour to make Christ known through a quiet, humble and loving personal witness. Nothing distinguishes them from other persons; they dress like other men and women, and have ordinary jobs. All their efforts are characterised by love, which exudes from of their intimate relationship with God.

The Volunteers, were founded in 1917 in Turin, now number around 1200 and are present in 58 countries around the world, scattered around five continents. They are at our workplace, be it a hospital, a school or a factory, in the service of the local church, or within the Salesian family. Volunteers are also in Malta and Gozo.

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