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Founders and boys of the Sliema oratory and theatre (c. 1908)


The first presence of the SDBs in the Maltese Islands traces its origin back to 1903, only 15 years after the death of Don Bosco. The first house to open was St. Patrick’s in Sliema.

Many developments related to the Congregation in Malta ensued in the following decades, for instance, two different houses which belonged to two different provinces, became part of a single province; and the Maltese delegation pertaining to the Irish province was created, which has been the status quo for Maltese Salesians since.

In the meantime, the Salesian mission flourished throughout the islands, opening the Oratory in Sliema, and later Savio College in Dingli, and our most recent presence in Senglea. Through these communities, as well as collaboration with other branches of the Salesian Family, thousands of youngsters, students, past pupils, parents, and benefactors, have engrained and spread the spirit of Don Bosco in our beloved islands.

Apart from being extremely satisfied with the countless initiatives, opportunities and projects we have accomplished, today we are also gratified and at the same time humbled by a family spirit that welcomes, accompanies and celebrates those drawn to our charism.

Our mission is not a mere voluntary organisation or a social service, but an experience that forms the young protagonists and transforms education and evangelisation into a beautiful journey.