It is always a breath of fresh air when you come face-to-face with your own self … your true identity … and this year’s SPYS weekend has helped all participants to come in touch again with our Salesian roots. It started off by looking at SPYS’ vision statement. In a nut shell the aspect of holistic formation taken with optimism summarised all of our views with respect to SPYS vision statement that was first written way back in 1995.

SPYS weekend then revolved around the four Salesian pillars… school, home, playground and church. Some of us never heard about these four pillars at all, others have heard them being mentioned and for others, although familiar with the terms, have lost touch on how to apply them in our activities. Amidst all the energizers and activities, the four pillars were discussed in a way that each and every one of us could better relate to them so that we can better implement them in our different activities.

We all wished that there was more time to discuss further about certain issues but plans were made so as to continue building on this weekend. And amongst all the dates set and all the minutes taken, we also had time for some games and informal chats over a glass of wine and some chocolate.

Thanks to all the organisers for this successful weekend whereby new friendships were born and old ones were strengthened, established aims were reinforced and new ideas dreamt for our way forward for the coming years.

written by Ruth Zerafa