Salesians of Don Bosco Malta

Striving to provide our youngsters with a home that welcomes, a church that evangelises, a school that prepares them for life,
and a playground where friends can meet and enjoy themselves.

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Who is Don Bosco? Why is he still important and relevant to us today? And who are the Salesians? What defines their lives, their spirit and their mission?

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Who we are

A Family on a Mission!

A spirit that welcomes, accompanies and celebrates the young!

What we do

Every salesian experience is a...


"Don Bosco wanted everyone to feel at home in his establishments. The Salesian house becomes a family when affection is mutual and when all, both confreres and young people, feel welcome and responsible for the common good."

SDB Constitutions, Art. 16


"Our love for Christ necessarily gives rise to our love for his Church, the People of God, the centre of unity and communion of all the forces working for the Kingdom [...] We educate young Christians to an authentic understanding of the Church and to work assiduously for its growth."

SDB Constitutions, Art. 13


"Our system is based entirely on reason, religion and loving kindness. Instead of constraint, it appeals to the resources of intelligence, love and the desire for God, which everyone has in the depths of his being. It brings together educators and youngsters in a family experience of trust and dialogue."

SDB Constitutions, Art. 38


"We educate and evangelise according to plan for the total well-being of man directed to Christ, the perfect Man. Faithful to the intentions of our Founder, our purpose is to form "upright citizens and good Christians."

SDB Constitutions, Art. 31

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